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Quick start for enabling OpenVPN under ubuntu Gnome

There is only one thing to do

sudo apt install -y network-manager-opentvpn-gnome 

In this post I will posting some usefull tips for azure cloud

  1. redeploy vm from azure cli
az vm redeploy --resource-group CONTAIER_NAME --name VM_NAME


Common issue while developing angular at Windows machine is node-sass build error.

In this post, I will put useful commands for the docker collected on the web

If You get error like this: No executable found matching command "dotnet-watch" This is solution.

1. Check if You have csproj inside directory of command execution

2. Check if there is a reference to the "watcher" tool in the project file (csproj)

    <DotNetCliToolReference Include="Microsoft.DotNet.Watcher.Tools" Version="2.0.0"/>

and then execute

dotnet restore